- The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Conservative estimate

It is prime political paradox: While liberal devotees at this week’s Take Back America conference gleefully proclaimed that conservatism is “in crisis,” “on the way out” and “declining,” a group of progressive scholars will release a new report tomorrow revealing that conservatives completely control talk radio.

Well, which is it, folks? Are conservatives fading into the sunset — or are they all-powerful media moguls?

The study from the Center for American Progress (CAP) and Free Press “documents conservative domination of political talk radio,” according to advance material. It also “raises serious questions about whether the companies licensed to broadcast over the public airwaves are serving the listening needs of all Americans and providing a range of information on important public issues.”

The report contains statistical analysis of 10,506 licensed stations, blaming ownership and consolidation issues for “the one-sided nature of political talk radio.” It outlines specific policy solutions to “address the imbalance.”

What a minute. How could all those declining conservatives warrant a full policy change? Stay tuned. CAP researchers John Halpin and Mark Lloyd, Media Syndication Services president Mark Woodhull plus Ben Scott and S. Derek Turner of Free Press reveal all tomorrow.

Don’t tread on Fred

“Many in Europe simply have a different view from that of the United States as to the threat of radical Islamic fundamentalism. They think that the threat is overblown. That despite September 11th, and July 7th and other attacks in Europe and elsewhere, America is the main target and therefore the problem is basically an American one,” Fred Thompson told the London Policy Exchange yesterday.

“However, most Americans feel differently. We understand that the Western world is in an international struggle with jihadists who see this struggle as part of a conflict that has gone on for centuries, and who won’t give up until Western countries are brought to their knees. I agree with this view. I believe that the forces of civilization must work together with common purpose to defeat the terrorists who for their own twisted purposes have murdered thousands, and who are trying to acquire technology to murder millions more.”

“When terrorists in their video performances pledge more and bigger attacks to come, against targets in both Europe and America, these are not to be shrugged off as idle boasts. They must be taken at their word. … We must gather our alliance and do all in our power to make sure that such men do not gain the capability to carry out their evil ambitions.”


“In a riff on the final ‘Sopranos’ episode, Hillary and Bill Clinton announced in a Web video that her campaign theme song will be ‘You and I’ by Celine Dion,” noted Washington Times political reporter Christina Bellantoni yesterday.

“Watch the video yourself, and appreciate the cameo appearance by now-dead ‘Sopranos’ mobster Johnny ‘Sack’ Sacramoni,” Mrs. Bellantoni said. She also supplied the decidedly un-Clintonian lyrics: “You and I were meant to fly/ Higher than the clouds/ We’ll sail across the sky.” Aw-w-w. Bill and Hill, across the sky. Think of it.

Meanwhile, the former first couple somehow ignored the suggestions for campaign tunes that were suggested by readers of The Times’ “Fishwrap” blog earlier this month. Among them: “I’m a Loser” (The Beatles), “Witchy Woman” (The Eagles) and “Little Lies” (Fleetwood Mac).

Bloomberg’s move

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