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Shift the burden

Bill O’Reilly is a formidable one to oppose, but here goes, (“Fixing immigration,” Commentary, Monday).

After the usual nonsense about border security (700 miles of fence, 10,000 National Guard forces), he wants all illegal aliens to register with the federal government, receive a “tamper-proof” ID and be reviewed by federal authorities. To review the cases of 12 million people in three years would mean completing almost 77,000 cases per week after we hire and train the thousands of interviewers. But train them to do what? Ask each alien if they love America? If they intend to learn English?

I wonder why we do not put the burden on those employers who actually benefit from the presence of aliens, illegal or not. Employers can contact federal authorities to request permission to hire low-wage workers. The government can issue Z-visas directly to the employer based on his need and it is his responsibility to provide the government with all the pertinent information on his individual workers. Each year, the agreement can be re-examined. This plan puts the burden on those who gain by documenting the undocumented.



Add up the numbers

The bloody battle between Fatah and Hamas in Gaza has resulted in a terrorist ministate in the heartland of the Middle East (“The bloody grip of Hamas,” Editorial, Saturday).

The cold-blooded murder of fellow Arabs is only a portent of what would happen if Hamas were able to take over Israel with the propaganda that for years has called for the killing of all Jews. While Fatah, and certainly its militant wing, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, has been responsible for the murder of as many Israeli civilians as Hamas, at least negotiations could be conducted with that party.

Unfortunately, while the objective of both Hamas and Fatah is the destruction of Israel, Hamas is dedicated to the use of terror while Fatah wants to accomplish its agenda in stages with the removal of 450,000 Israelis who are outside the pre-1967 armistice lines, then the return of the descendants of the 500,000 Palestinian Arabs displaced during the 1948 war, now purportedly numbering 4 million, to a truncated Israel and finally the demographic destruction of Israel.


Silver Spring

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