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When the driver lost control of the vehicle as it careered over railroad tracks, the men abandoned it on foot. Police said one man fled into the nearby bank. The other, a 23-year-old man, was taken into custody immediately.


Fire crew accused of filling pool with hose

KANSAS CITY — Police spotted a fire crew hooking their hose into a hydrant and filling a private swimming pool with water, authorities said.

An internal investigation into Sunday’s incident is under way, and the three-person fire crew could face disciplinary action ranging from suspensions to being fired, said Mike Taylor, spokesman for Wyandotte County’s Unified Government.

Criminal charges also could be filed, he said.

“Taking water from the hydrant to fill a private swimming pool without paying for it is theft,” Mr. Taylor said Wednesday at a press conference.

Mr. Taylor said the resident with the pool will get a bill after the Board of Public Utilities estimates the amount of water taken.

The leader of the crew — a department veteran of more than 20 years who was serving as an acting captain — and the two other firefighters remain on duty during the investigation.


Teacher accused of showing illegal film

PEEKSKILL — He doesn’t want to be an ogre about it, but the father of a fifth-grader thinks teachers are wasting time when they show movies in class — and if the film is a bootleg, he says, “That’s a really terrible lesson.”

Tim Trewhella, 46, said his 10-year-old daughter reported that her class watched the animated movie “Shrek the Third” on Tuesday and recognized it as the fairy-tale hit still showing in theaters.

“A friend hooked me up with it,” teacher Lovell Quiroz said, according to the girl.

Peekskill schools Superintendent Judith Johnson issued a statement saying that administrative approval is required before a video is shown in elementary school and that “if a pirated video was shown, it is in violation of district policy.” An investigation was under way, the statement said.

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