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Unbiased ‘View’?

Barbara Walters, who plays an objective journalist, loves to offer her ringing endorsements for left wing films. About a year ago, in June of 2006, Walters, upon interviewing Al Gore, asserted ‘it’s very important to see [“An Inconvenient Truth”].’ On [Tuesday’s] edition of ‘The View’ Walters spoke with Michael Moore and again endorsed his new … film ‘Sicko.’ …

“[She said:] ‘I just have to say, I don’t usually give opinions, but whether you’re Republican or Democrat or whatever you are, this is an amazing film. I thought it was — I think everybody should see it. When it premiered last night, you got a standing ovation. That’s unusual for you. Everybody loved you.’ ”

Justin McCarthy, writing on “Barbara Walters on Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’: ‘I Think Everybody Should See It,’ ” Tuesday at NewsBusters.org

Border bankruptcy

“It seems impossible that the immigration bill can succeed: A large majority of the American people claim to be following the immigration debate closely, and that majority opposes the immigration plan by a three-to-one majority. And when the bill collapses, it will take what little remains of the president’s political capital with it. Did I say capital? No, that has long since been spent. It is his credit that he is now exhausting.

“Out of this disaster, however, comes some hope. The national debate triggered by the Senate’s catastrophic reform has accelerated the great rethinking of immigration on the part of many millions of Americans. The backroom deal that produced this latest law epitomized decades of collusion between the two parties to suppress open discussion of this vital issue. This time, at last, the collusion failed. Democracy has erupted. I’m ready to make my voice heard. How about you?”

— David Frum, writing on “How I Rethought Immigration,” in the June 25 issue of the National Review

Real enemies

“Churchill said of World War II that no war could more easily have been prevented by prompt action. Using the words of people such as Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, and others I’m trying to get people to pay attention to potential enemies abroad and do what is necessary to either avoid war altogether or position America to win. …

“We see our enemies and potential enemies in the terms we see ourselves: kind, peaceful, and existing in a live-and-let-live world. The real world isn’t much like that at all. …

“The old ‘realist’ crowd wants only diplomacy and is willing to wait forever for it to work. The ‘neocons’ want to use democracy as a weapon, and do not understand that it’s not. Between them are folks such as me who want to fight this war in a manner calculated to win decisively — knowing that unless we do so we will lose it inevitably — and see nothing of the sort happening. …

“Those who called Barry Goldwater a John Bircher now call serious defense-minded conservatives ‘neocons.’ … Thanks to the media’s willful mischaracterization of neoconservatism, anyone who wants to defend this nation with anything more than a ‘mother, may I?’ to the U.N. is labeled a neocon. The basic problem with neocons is that they believe democracy is a weapon, not a system of government. Scared … me to hear Rudy Giuliani talk about ‘nation-building’ … in a speech a couple of weeks ago.”

Jed Babbin, author of “In the Words of Our Enemies,” interviewed by Bernard Chapin on Wednesday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org



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