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They show up to a strip club in whatever city, ready to “make it rain” with a bag full of money, and matters deteriorate from there.

The Atlanta incident came days after Jones met with Goodell and promised to clean up his act.

That vow apparently did not include staying out of strip clubs, where the combination of liquor, live nudes and massive amounts of testosterone sometimes leads to communication issues, not the least of which is: Who gets to rescue the stripper with the heart of gold?

Or at least that is how Hollywood would portray it in a movie.

Jones would be Stripperman who is merely trying to save wayward women from a life of slithering up and down a pole.

Some news reports claim Jones has been arrested five times since being drafted by the Titans in 2005. Others claim it is six arrests. Who can keep count at his pace?

It is not as if his stat sheet reads: interceptions, return yardage, touchdowns and arrests.

The end result for Jones and his posse remains unsettled.

Maybe they are planning to visit a strip club in a neighborhood near you.

I have two strip clubs in my neighborhood, and the only action worth mentioning from those establishments is the annual knifing and those with weak bladders irrigating the near-by parking-lots.

I am certain our adorable strippers, all of whom have hearts of gold, would love Jones and his posse to “make it rain.”

Just one condition: Please give us advance warning, guys, so we can arm ourselves in preparation of your arrival.

Jones and his posse want to keep it real.

I want to keep it fair.