- The Washington Times - Friday, June 22, 2007

'Bridezillas' packs heat

Fuhgeddabout the end of “The Sopranos” and perish the thought of spending another Sunday evening with “Desperate Housewives” reruns.

If you’ve got a craving for family drama and catfights laced with an element of surprise, there’s no better place than “Bridezillas” (9 p.m. on We), which chronicles the overbearing and near-psychotic behavior of real-life brides-to-be in the weeks leading up to their special day.

Sunday’s episode continues the saga of Anita Maxwell, a first-time bride at age 46, and the despicable behavior of her adult daughter, Christina, who will do anything — and we do mean anything — to keep her mom from tying the knot with Dion, her 10-years-younger fiance.

The story picks up with a distraught Miss Maxwell in tears on her wedding day after an ongoing battle with the deranged Christina (who, at 24, still lives at home and proudly proclaims she has “no intention of ever paying rent”).

Things go from bad to worse as Christina, egged on by her mother’s older sisters, nearly comes to blows with Dion. The aggravated bridegroom eventually flees the house, taking Miss Maxwell’s cell phone and rental car. Sadly, Dion doesn’t show up for the ceremony, a first in the history of “Bridezillas,” producers say. Then there’s also the matter of the missing $1,500 in cash the bride had set aside to cover some of her wedding expenses.

Still, viewers are in for one last shock. Stay tuned.

Fortunately, there’s a happier ending (at least on the show) for the night’s second “Bridezillas” subject, Alicia Klaunch, who was just 18 when We’s cameras captured all the mayhem leading up to her big day last August.

Less than a year later, however, Mrs. Klaunch and her husband, Noah, 21, have filed for divorce, reports TV station KGET in her native Bakersfield, Calif.

Mr. Klaunch says his wife was perfect for the show.

“It fits her,” he told KGET-TV. “She’s demanding, so the show fits her.”

The film crews shot everything.

“They got once I was crying, screaming, where I was mad and throwing things, they got it all,” Mrs. Klaunch says.

‘Starter’ style for sale

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