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Tejada’s streak began June 2, 2000. To put this in perspective: On June 2, 2000, Ted Williams’ head was still attached to his body.

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Which of the following did not happen on June 2, 2000:

1. The Devil Rays’ Fred McGriff hit his 400th homer.

2. Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux faced each other for the first time but neither lasted six innings nor was involved in the decision as the Braves beat the Yankees 11-7.

3. The Cubs’ Rick Aguilera notched his 300th save.

4. The Expos announced they would wear Maurice Richard’s No. 9 on their uniforms to honor the Montreal hockey legend, who had died the previous week.

(Answer: It was a trick question. They all happened on that date.)

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In Boston, meanwhile, Curt Schilling has been placed on the 15-day disabled list. All that blogging, team doctors say, was putting too much strain on his right shoulder.

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Well, the ground rules have finally been set for Jason Giambi’s meeting with steroids investigator George Mitchell. From what I hear, there’ll be no eye gouging, no hitting below the belt and no spitting tobacco juice on George’s shoes.

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Elsewhere in hardball, UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton needed 5 hours, 40 minutes to play 13 innings at the College World Series, the longest game in the history of the event. Almost six hours to play a game and a half (roughly)! Obviously, these kids are major-league ready.

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