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The coaches, I’m guessing, were secretly thrilled the game ran so long. After all, there’s nothing more dangerous than a group of ballplayers with too much time on their hands in Omaha, Nebraska.

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In a related story, Irvine has decided to change its mascot from the Anteater to the Human Rain Delay.

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Seriously, is anybody else appalled by this? I wouldn”t be surprised if George H.W. Bush — College World Series, 1947 — spent less time memorizing his inaugural address than Irvine and Fullerton spent lollygagging through 13 innings.

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Speaking of human limits, a man will try to break the world record by running more than 153.76 miles in 24 hours on a treadmill.

Dean Karnazes, an ultramarathoner, will start running at midnight Thursday and be suspended between two billboards in New York’s Times Square. One billboard will run live video for spectators, along with a clock and mileage counter. The other billboard, presumably, will show footage of Astro going out for his daily walk on “The Jetsons.”

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Snippets from Joe Theismann’s recent Q&A; with

Q: What’s your opinion of the new “Monday Night Football” crew?

A: “For Mike [Tirico] and Tony [Kornheiser] and Ron [Jaworski], it’ll be a learning process again, because Ron hasn’t done television [analysis for as long as Theismann has]. Tony is extremely neurotic. … I’m disappointed, certainly I never expected [to get replaced]. But the people at ESPN understand how to deliver a product. I will say this: I believe 100 percent that you cannot insult the football fan. ‘Monday Night Football’ is about football, and I hope that they continue to deliver that product to the fan. ‘Monday Night Football’ cannot be an extension of ‘Pardon the Interruption,’ because the game is too important.”

Q: How would you react if you were in Donovan McNabb’s situation? What if the Redskins came in and drafted a quarterback?

A: “They did. I have walked in Donovan’s shoes. Tom Flick was a No. 2 pick when I was there. In 1981, we went 0-5, and they go out and get a quarterback. I was going to be traded to the Detroit Lions. The Redskins went out and drafted Tom Flick in the second round. Gibbs was a second-year head coach. They were after his job.”

For the record:

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