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• Flick was a fourth-round pick, not a second-rounder.

• He was drafted in 1981, before the Redskins began the season 0-5.

• By Gibbs’ second year, Flick had been traded to the Patriots for backup QB Tom Owen.

Translation: It’s just Joe T. being Joe T.

• • •

Did you see the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, staged a pickup soccer game in the Andes to protest FIFA’s ban on playing international matches above 8,200 feet? Brazil pushed hardest for the measure, from what I understand. It got tired of having leads disappear into thin air.

• • •

Actually, the Brazilians were upset about having to play in Bolivia last year at 13,000 feet — in freezing rain. Can you imagine if the NFL operated like this? Goodbye Green Bay. Goodbye Frozen Tundra. Goodbye Ice Bowl. (And goodbye Bob Hayes running pass routes with his hands in his pants.)

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You have to feel for the Dalai Lama. He’ll never get to hoist the World Cup now.

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And finally …

Administration officials continue to insist the Guantanamo detention facility has gotten a bum rap. “Granted, we haven’t obtained a lot of useful information about terrorism,” a spokesperson said, “but we have managed to steal bin Laden’s bunt sign.”