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The center landed on his feet — and they didn’t break — in New Jersey, and put together a 10-year career that peaked in 1992, when he averaged 15 points for a playoff team coached by Bill Fitch — the man who infamously guided the Rockets to consecutive No. 1 picks. Talk about a story coming full circle.

The chapters on the star-crossed 7-footer are some of Bondy’s best. It’s hard to imagine someone penning a Sam Bowie tome, but Bondy weaves enough of his hard-luck tale into his book to make it, to date, the definitive take on the center.

“Nobody likes to tell stories of mediocrity, but this is a tale about accomplishments in other ways,” Bondy said when interviewed this week. “He put together a workmanlike NBA career and came out of it with a refreshing attitude. He comes out looking pretty good.”

So does Bondy’s book, a must-read for NBA fans as they prepare for Thursday night’s annual NBA talent show.