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The 25-paragraph article, in which Mr. Obama was identified prominently as an “Illinois Democrat” by the second paragraph, was given front-page, above-the-fold placement, complete with a picture of the senator.

On Wednesday, The Times shared with readers the fact that a campaign worker for Rudolph W. Giuliani had been indicted by a federal grand jury for felony distribution of cocaine (“Official indicted on cocaine charge,” Nation).

The three-paragraph story was located at the bottom of page A8, in the American Scene section, tucked among 12 other newsy tidbits. The word Republican never appeared in the item, and Mr. Giuliani was not mentioned until the penultimate sentence of the final paragraph. Why the discrepancy?



Get border security right

One statement the president uses repeatedly in reference to terrorists can be said about him and our legislators: We have to get it right 100 percent of the time; they have to get it right only once.

That is just the way things seem to go in the Senate. When our legislators are caught trying to sneak through disastrous legislation, they just wait a few weeks and try again. Thankfully, the flawed immigration bill was killed because vigilant citizens voiced their anger. Now senators are trying to shove this bill through after breaking it up “into a series of smaller bills” and adding some very unimpressive amendments that offer no more proof of their intention to secure the border than before (“Democrats mull dividing House immigration bill, Page 1, Tuesday).

With 80 percent of Americans polled requesting a secure border now, and consideration of these other items later, it is obvious that the lawmakers just don’t care what they will be doing to the citizens of this country. We want proof that our border has been secured.

Sen. Lindsey Graham recently called those of us being vocal about our extreme opposition to the amnesty bill — and I do mean amnesty bill — the “loud folks.” Well, isn’t that funny. A few years ago, we were called the silent majority and told that we got the government we deserved because we did not take part in our government. Now the government wants us to stay out of it. The legislators believe that they somehow will be immune from the coming disaster.


Springfield, Mo.

Disregarding American interests

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