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The article “GOP sees Democrats split over immigration” (Nation, Tuesday) offers an interesting hypothesis about the split over immigration, but rather than a divide within either or both parties, it’s actually a matter of individual conscience.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, analyzed the current Senate immigration bill and found 20 loopholes; for example, an allowance for “probationary benefits” that effectively deactivate the enforcement provisions in the bill, thereby shielding criminal and terrorist aliens from deportation and gifting them literally overnight with irrevocable permanent residency/paths to citizenship, Social Security cards and more.

Undaunted in the enormity of their blatant disregard for American citizens, the members of the Bush-Kennedy open-borders cabal — like warlords in illusory castles — undoubtedly think they are above that which they intend to visit upon us, all evidence to the contrary. History repeats itself — just as its outrages and wars bring about the downfall of those who lead them.

Unlike their purported pawns — who outnumber them and certainly call the constitutional moves — these wannabe amnesty overlords of ours risk being swept from the board of their medieval game if they continue to break the law.


Lafayette, Calif.

Bush plays to pro-lifers

In again vetoing legislation that would provide federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, the president has renewed the common belief that he stands far apart from the American people and Congress, both of which support this bill (“Bush vetoes stem-cell funding,” Nation, Thursday).

In rejecting the legislation, Mr. Bush stated, “Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical.” This disregards the fact that the embryos that would be involved in this potentially lifesaving, life-altering research are destined to be discarded anyway and that human lives are very much at stake in this debate: those who are desperate for cures for dreaded diseases and those who seek to diminish the suffering of the sick. To those people, the president says, tough luck; I am playing to my pro-life base. I suspect that the president has never had a relative or close friend whose life has been threatened by serious illness and might have been saved through the promise of this type of research.

It is audacious and absurd for a president who launched a disastrous war that has brought calamity to Iraq to refer to destroying human life as if it is something he seeks to avoid at all costs.


Upper Saint Clair, Pa.