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Mr. Newsom has issued an executive order banning city departments from buying bottled water, even for water coolers. The ban goes into effect Sunday, and will extend to water coolers by Dec. 1.

The move was billed as a way to help stem global warming and save taxpayer money.

“We’re hoping to set the example for the private sector and other cities in getting off the bottle,” said Tony Winnicker, spokesman for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

In a press release announcing the decision, the mayor cited the environmental effects of making, transporting and disposing of the bottles. More than 1 billion of the bottles end up in the state’s landfills each year, the release said.

When the ban goes into effect, city and county offices will dispense municipal tap water from a reservoir. Mr. Winnicker said exceptions will be made in cases where potable water is not easily available or poses health concerns.


Camper hurls log, kills angry bear

HELEN — A 300-pound black bear raided a family’s campsite, and the father saved his sons from harm by throwing a log at the beast, killing it with a single blow.

Chris Everhart and his three sons were camping in the Chattahoochee National Forest in northern Georgia when the encounter happened Saturday. The bear took the family’s cooler and was heading back to the woods when the youngest son, 6-year-old Logan, hurled a shovel at it.

The bear then dropped the cooler and started coming at the boy, said his father. Fearing what might happen next, Mr. Everhart, an ex-Marine, grabbed the closest thing he could find — a log from their stash of firewood.

“I threw it at it, and it happened to hit the bear in the head,” Mr. Everhart said. “I thought it just knocked it out but it actually ended up killing the bear.”

Mr. Everhart was given a ticket for failing to secure his campsite, said Ken Riddleberger, a regional supervisor for game management with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


Black lab drives car into river

SAGLE — Bad dog.

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