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2-year-old found with mother’s body

ERIE — A woman’s decomposed body and her malnourished and dehydrated 2-year-old son were found by police investigating a foul odor in a locked apartment.

The body of Tammy Graves, 36, was found Sunday evening. Officials said she likely died within the past week, and an autopsy yesterday revealed no evidence of foul play.

It may take weeks for toxicology tests to determine how she died, Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook said. Investigators were looking into the woman’s medical history, the coroner said.

Her son was placed with a relative whom police did not identify. The boy’s malnourished condition was solely the result of being alone after his mother died, police said. He otherwise appeared to be well-tended.

Authorities had not located the boy’s father, who did not live with the mother and son, District Attorney Brad Foulk said.


Killer plans joke before execution

SAN ANTONIO — A Texas man scheduled to be executed tonight wants to die laughing.

Patrick Knight, 39, has been soliciting jokes on the Internet and plans to tell one of them before receiving a lethal injection, Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Michelle Lyons said yesterday.

“He says he wants to keep his execution light,” she said.

Knight was sentenced to die for the August 1991 murder of his two elderly neighbors in Amarillo. Miss Lyons said a friend of Knight’s set up a page on to solicit jokes, and “hundreds” of suggestions have arrived in the mail.

“I’ll be enjoying my last days on earth,” Knight is cited as saying, adding that he wants jokes “to keep me and others with [execution] dates laughing.”

Miss Lyons said that although Knight will be allowed to tell his joke, none of his executioners in the death chamber will be laughing. “Everybody who is there takes it very seriously and will not be participating in the joke,” she said.


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