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America’s workers

Whether the immigration reform bill passes or not does not matter. What matters is America’s persisting attitude toward immigration. Across the country, there are jobs that cannot be filled, so the work goes undone.

Stephen Dinan’s article “Georgia senators at center of battle” (Page 1, Wednesday) mentioned the poultry companies in Georgia who need workers, but they are not the only ones. This problem is not a regional- or industry-specific issue. Construction needs workers in Arizona. Farmers in Florida need tomatoes harvested. Restaurants need workers across the nation. Americans do not want these low-paying jobs, but the foreign workers do.

Therefore, it is not that foreign workers are stealing jobs from American workers. Rather, it is Americans, who do not want these jobs, who are stealing the opportunity to work from these workers. It is Americans who are putting a strain on the U.S. economy. It is Americans who are allowing prices to rise as goods rot in place because there is no one available to do the work. Do Americans really want the U.S. economy to falter? No. It is just an accidental byproduct of their anti-immigration sentiments.