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Pratt took her son’s request seriously, and the young Durant began to spend almost all of his time at Seat Pleasant Activity Center, running hills and doing crab walks and countless other drills well into the night. She would bring him dinner at the center so that Taras Brown, his godfather and coach, could work with him on fundamentals.

Pratt even would instruct coaches to be tougher on her son if she felt he was not playing up to his potential.

“I have gone through a lot of pressure in my life,” said Durant, who under Brown’s watch ran hills in 20-degree weather and with snow on the ground. “I handle it all the same. I know this is a different level of basketball, but I am looking at it just the same. I am going to work.”

Durant will not be alone when he begins his NBA career. His mother and two cousins initially will live with him.

Wherever he goes, Durant’s next stop will be his fifth in as many seasons after one-year stays at Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Va., as a junior in high school; Montrose Christian School in Rockville under legendary coach Stu Vetter as a senior; and Texas. Durant spent his first two high school years at National Christian Academy in Fort Washington.

Durant credits Vetter for much of his maturation as a player. At Montrose Christian, he teamed with current Maryland point guard Greivis Vasquez, adding to his repertoire as a big-time scorer and developing post moves while also honing his defensive skills.

“It was like a college program,” Durant said. “I worked on fundamentals and defense. At Oak Hill, I focused more on scoring.”

Now a year removed from Montrose Christian, Durant is a household name on his way to NBA stardom. He owned the college game in one short season. In two days, he will don an expensive tailored suit and shake hands with the commissioner who denied him entrance to the league a year ago.

“I am kind of anxious and nervous at the same time,” Durant said. “When I hear my name, it will be the greatest night of my life.”

An night that comes a year later than he hoped but one he now feels was worth the wait.