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Reports have Boston potentially swapping the fifth pick with Phoenix for Shawn Marion, and Green canceled his workout with Charlotte at the last second Monday to attend a workout in Phoenix on Tuesday with Brewer, Noah and Wright.

Milwaukee might take Green if he is still available at No. 6, but Babcock says the team also needs to address its depth at guard with starter Mo Williams a free agent.

Minnesota at No. 7 is likely looking for frontcourt help even after trading for Juwan Howard, and Green was spotted recently at Georgetown wearing Timberwolves gear. After Green’s no-show in Charlotte, there are rumors Boston, Milwaukee or Minnesota made a promise to Green.

“Hey, it’s draft-time. Anything could be going on,” Charlotte coach Sam Vincent said in a statement. “I think the thing that the players have to caution against is going on those kinds of promises.”

Even if Green falls further, Thompson believes his Big East player of the year will make an impact.

“It’s all about the situation a player gets drafted into — whether or not it’s a good fit for them,” said Thompson, adding that Green, who declined numerous interview requests, has voiced no preference for a team.

“I think that wherever Jeff ends up, because of his versatility and his ability to adapt to any and every situation, he will be fine.”

Whom would Thompson take?

“Personally, I’d take Jeff Green,” he said. “They’re all good players. But to me, there’s no doubt.”