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SHENANDOAH RIVER: 75-85 miles (..) — The Route 340, Front Royal, Luray and Bentonville stretches deliver a few bass, fallfish, redbreasted sunfish and catfish, but the daytime heat makes fishing tough.

SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE: 210 miles () — (Route 122, east of Roanoke) Nighttime boaters connect on a few rockfish at the “S” Curve. Bass catches have been quite good around boat docks and underwater humps.

UPPER JAMES RIVER: 130 miles () — (Route 6, south of Charlottesville, Scottsville) The small 1/4-ounce crankbait recommendation holds again this week but also use some soft plastic tubes and Zoom jerkbaits if you want smallmouth bass.


MARYLAND: 153-175 miles () — (Route 50 to Ocean City) Offshore catches include a few tunas, bluefish, sharks and the beginnings of dolphin arrivals. We’re talking canyon waters here. Closer to shore you will see some smaller bluefish, with the surf stretches from Ocean City to Assateague Island turning up a variety of fish ranging from snapper blues to stripers, sharks and kingfish. Flounder catches are poor.

VIRGINIA: 210 miles to Virginia Beach () — Virginia Beach’s Julie Ball says North Carolina’s offshore boats find tuna and dolphin action. “[But] out of Virginia, crews are working harder for their bounties. Some days are better than others with some boats finding 30-pound yellowfins and small to medium bluefin tuna. Farther north, a few boats are having better luck locating yellowfin tuna in the 40 to 70 pound range, and some dolphin holding in 68- to 75-degree water near the Baltimore Canyon.” For charter boats, call the Virginia Beach Fishing Center, 757/491-8000.

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