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The new PM

We will see what Gordon Brown is made of when he takes office as the new prime minister of Britain (“Brown vs. Cameron,” Op-Ed, yesterday).

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has used the “Orders in Council” to ramrod its will down the throats of small, defenseless Overseas Territories even though it is not in their best interest. Its tyrannical views and deceptive actions on constitutional review for the Cayman Islands is something the European Union and Decolonization Special Committee of the United Nations should study.

Mr. Brown very easily could direct the FCO to make certain that equal protection of the laws, one person one vote and self-determination are musts in the constitutional review now on the table.


Newark, Del.

Wait a minute

Contrary to Robert Wilcox’s assertion that “faith is required to believe in evolution” (“Creationism and intelligent design,” Letters, Tuesday) virtually the entire science community biologists, geologists, paleontologists, geneticists, etc. accepts evolution as fact, based on many millions of scientific observations and tests by many thousands of scientists over two centuries. Scientists hold a variety of beliefs about God and the ultimate origin of the cosmos.

Creationism and intelligent-design neocreationism have no scientific backing, as the U.S. Supreme Court held in 1987 and as Bush-appointed Pennsylvania federal Judge John E. Jones III ruled on Dec. 20, 2005, in Kitzmiller v. Dover. Those who wish to argue about this may do so in peer-reviewed science journals or anywhere else except public school classrooms devoted to science education.



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