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Americans for Religious Liberty

Silver Spring

More harm than good

The article “House conservatives warn Bush of immigration’s cost” (Page 1 Sunday) contains a subtle insight into the nature of the political process. The mere fact that a disagreement regarding immigration can affect a vote on a war-funding bill highlights the way politicians vie for power while disregarding principle.

Just think about it: What are the real incentives for Congress? Is the goal to truly help the constituents or simply to satisfy some while not blatantly harming others? What would most people do in a job for which they themselves set the pay and (apparently) don’t even have to show up?

Compromises and vengeful tactics, such as those being exhibited in the current immigration and Iraq debates, are indifferent and detached from the truth and, consequently, result in legislation that proves more harmful than beneficial. The more debates we delegate to the political realm, the more we will see bills that cost us both money and real solutions.