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We hope the 9/11 bill would pass, the [Homeland Security] appropriations bill beefed up border security. The supplemental bill beefed up border security.

Reporter S.A. Miller: Changing gears, on the war. How do you see Democrats proceeding on trying to …

Mr. Hoyer: Vigorously. I think this has been the most unsuccessful, bordering on incompetent administration of a foreign policy in my lifetime and perhaps in history.

The American public overwhelming believes the policies are not working. [Defense] Secretary [Robert M.] Gates said we weren’t winning. … Nothing that’s happened in the past three months changed anybody’s mind, and in fact, I think people are more pessimistic.

This quarter may well be the bloodiest, largest loss of life [of] any quarter that we’ve had since this war began. The Democrats believe we need a change in policy.

We’re going to continue to pursue on a regular schedule, from now until September and thereafter if we need to, efforts to effect a change of direction [and] redeployment of our troops.

Mr. Miller: Any specifics?

Mr. Hoyer: The Levin amendment … to the defense authorization … 120 days you have to start redeployment; redeployment has to be completed by April 1.

That has exceptions … in terms of terrorists, in terms of protecting troops, normal diplomatic [protection] and training. So this is not like it’s disappearing.

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