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One thing is very, very clear. We had a surge, and things aren’t better. … Things are not better. Iraqis are losing their lives in big numbers; we are losing troops in bigger numbers. What we’re doing is not bringing stability and security.

Reporter Sean Lengell: You guys are certainly taking a hit from Republicans on spending; they accuse you of proposing the largest tax increase in history. …

Mr. Hoyer: What tax increase is that?

Mr. Miller: Repeal of the tax cuts. … Letting them expire.

Mr. Hoyer: Republicans passed a law that said the tax [cuts] expire in 2010.

We didn’t pass it. We didn’t vote for it. I didn’t vote for it. I understand the accusation; I think it’s phony. I think it’s a fraud. … There’s nothing in our bill which increases taxes. Republicans who say we don’t change the law that they passed [laughs] … They’ve been in charge for six years, why didn’t they change the law? For six years, did they repeal the fact that it was expiring in 2010? I don’t recall that. If they had, why would anybody be worried about it today? We haven’t increased taxes at all. That is a bogus it is a tired, old, only argument the Republicans ever have any success with. … Our budget doesn’t increase taxes. We haven’t passed any statute increasing taxes.

Mr. Lengell: So you find it hypocritical … that after 12 years of Republicans …

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