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I happen to believe Fred Thompson, by the way, is synonymous with none of the above. I think Fred Thompson is doing so well because they decided they don’t like [Sen. John] McCain, [Rudolph W.] Giuliani and [Mitt] Romney.

Mr. Miller: Do you have concerns that some of your guys in difficult districts will be branded far-left Pelosi Democrats in the next round?

Mr. Hoyer: Oh, the Republicans wouldn’t do that. [Laughter]

Mr. Miller: I’m sure they will.

Mr. Hoyer: I’m sure they are doing it. Do I have any concerns about that?

Again, the reason I point out to you that these bills are passing with significant numbers of Republican votes, our guys are going to be able to say, “What do you mean? Are you saying these 57 Republicans who voted for the [continuing budget resolution] are somehow Pelosi Republicans?”

I think we have a pretty good response. The 9/11 [bill] got 68 Republican votes.

We are not passing 218 to 215, where we could be branded as this, that or the other.

Our guys are taking conservative stances where they need to take conservative stances. PayGo is a conservative principle; therefore, the Republican predecessors are not.

I think we can show that we are passing legislation that has broad support from the American people.