- The Washington Times - Friday, June 29, 2007

Money race

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign staffers have been saying for weeks they thinkSen. Barack Obama will outraise their boss this quarter and bring in $30 million or more. It’s the typical expectations-lowering game, but Mr. Obama, Illinois Democrat, announced yesterday he received even more donations this cycle than last time around.

The two senators were neck and neck in dollars raised last quarter, though Mr. Obama, in second place in most polls, had nearly double the number of donations made to his campaign.

The Obama campaign had 341,000 donations from more than 248,000 people as of 5 p.m., reporter Christina Bellantoni wrote yesterday on The Washington Times’ blog Fishwrap.

Mrs. Clinton, New York Democrat, leading her rivals in all the national polls, has been making her own major fundraising push — including a big-dollar dinner featuring mega-investor Warren Buffett this week — before Saturday’s filing deadline.

A few hours after Mr. Obama’s announcement, Clinton campaign guru Howard Wolfson told reporters in a detailed memo, “Simply put, this has been a great quarter for us,” and predicted the campaign will raise about $27 million this period.

“To put that figure in some perspective, it is more than any Democrat has ever raised in the second quarter of the ‘off’ year. While that figure is record setting, we do expect Senator Obama to significantly outraise us this quarter,” Mr. Wolfson wrote. “Bottom line is that both campaigns will raise a great deal of money and that we will have all the resources we need to compete and win.”


President Bush, an avid mountain bike rider, says rigorous exercise is great for the mind and body.

Asked in a network broadcast interview about people who say they’re too busy to exercise regularly, Mr. Bush said, “I don’t buy that. I think you set priorities in life, and if exercise is one of your priorities, then you do it.”

“I’m amazed at how young I feel,” Mr. Bush, 60, told CBS’s “The Early Show” in an interview broadcast yesterday. The president, who regularly goes mountain biking, said, “I wisely have convinced a bunch of youngsters here in the White House and Washington to ride with me.”

He also said he was heartened by the advance of women’s athletics in the United States. “I’m a big backer of Title IX,” Mr. Bush said of the federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded education programs.

“I think the progress, though, has been startling from the day when there were hardly any women’s teams,” said the president, once a part owner of the Texas Rangers of baseball’s American League.

He said a fitness culture “starts with families” and that “I exercise a lot because it’s good for my mind, and it’s good for my soul.”

“I feel great,” he said, “and I think most 60-year-olds feel good if they take care of their body and be careful of what they put in their body.”

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