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The most challenging and costly part of the project is the restoration of the structural foundation, he said. Workers are repairing the screw piles and the base steel and iron after years of corrosion.

Sherri Marsh Johns, an architectural historian with the Lighthouse Society, said a lot of work has been put into preserving the historical integrity of the building.

“I think we’ve been very successful in using new products to represent what was here originally,” she said. “The rule is that you preserve all that you can.”

The overall estimate for the cost of the renovation is $500,000, Mr. Gonzalez said. About $300,000 has been raised: $200,000 in grants and $100,000 in donations. Additional work on the structural foundation could run another $200,000.

Yesterday, a barge containing a crane pulled up to the lighthouse to remove wooden poles that had been used by the Coast Guard to tie up vessels. Contractors were hanging from the side of the lighthouse, wearing life jackets and hammering.

The restoration was a go after a public-private partnership that was formed in 2004 with the city of Annapolis, the Lighthouse Society and its Chesapeake chapter, the Annapolis Maritime Museum, and Anne Arundel County. They worked together to get ownership from the federal government.