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{bullet} 28 Weeks Later (200) (R: Gore, violence, adult language and disturbing imagery) — **1/2. The 2002 zombie hit “28 Days Later” gets extended in this ambitious horror sequel that can’t quite match the original. An international force is set to repopulate England in the wake of the “rage virus” outbreak, but the plague’s life may not be over yet. — Christian Toto

{bullet} The Valet (2007) (PG-13: Sexual content and language) —***1/2. The valet of the title can’t believe his luck when a millionaire asks him to live with his supermodel girlfriend to throw his wife off the lovers’ trail. This French farce is a riot, courtesy of a witty script by director Francis Veber. In French with English subtitles. Kelly Jane Torrance

{bullet} Waitress (2007) (PG-13: Sexual content, adult language and thematic elements) — ***. “Felicity’s” Keri Russell is delightful as a put-upon waitress whose life gets even worse when she learns she’s pregnant. The film’s as sweet and fluffy as the pastries the main character creates, but the ending will leave audiences with a toothache. Christian Toto MAXIMUM RATING: FOUR STARS

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