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“A family might want to buy an English paper because they want to show that they are upmarket and their lifestyle has improved,” said Bhupesh Trivedi, who runs the Indian Business Observer Web sites.

Roughly 11 million English newspapers are sold every day, while nearly 34 million Hindi papers are sold, according to India’s Registrar of Newspapers.

India’s growing affluence is also reflected in the business media, where at least five daily national business papers compete to feed a new hunger for financial news.

Despite the boom-time fever surrounding the print business, few think that Indian newspapers can continue to grow forever.

“I have no doubt that the Indian media market will end up mimicking the West in terms of newspapers, ending up not growing at all and the Internet becoming big,” said Mr. Narisetti. “But I think it’s 10 or 15 years away.”

American or European newspaper executives wanting to lift their spirits might want to chat with Nita Puri and her clients at her stand of 117 newspapers.

“My morning coffee doesn’t taste good if I don’t have a newspaper to read,” she said.