- The Washington Times - Saturday, March 24, 2007

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The Hoyas and Commodores traded mistakes and shots to the end last night.

They played another one of those agonizing, mistake-prone games that has dominated the tournament this March.

This has not been one of the better NCAA tournaments.

This has not been one of those tournaments with high-caliber plays galore, with one player topping another player.

This has been a tournament about teams losing games as much as teams winning games.

The Hoyas and Commodores gave us one of those games.

Whether it was Roy Hibbert fouling out with 3:58 left or Jeff Green twice putting the opposition on the free throw line in the late going, the Hoyas seemed bent on squandering the game.

DaJuan Summers incurred a loose-ball foul, and Dan Cage hit two free throws to put the Commodores up with 17.9 seconds left.

But then Green made it all right in the final seconds.

He hit a spinning one-handed bank shot to lift the Hoyas past the Commodores 66-65 and into the East Region championship tomorrow.

There undoubtedly was an explosion of cheers in the bars and saloons on M Street in Georgetown at the time of Green’s shot, which undid so many of his team’s wrongs in the final minutes.

That is how it so often goes in March.

Agony can turn to elation in a heartbeat.

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