- The Washington Times - Friday, November 2, 2007


Barack Obama certainly knows how to stir it up. Did you catch him on MSNBC’s Democratic debate the other night? If you didn’t, the shortest of the short versions of liberals’ discontent is that Barack has discombobulated some folks on the left because he didn’t beat down Hillary Clinton on the issue of granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Then he left mouths agape when he swayed hip-for-hip with Ellen DeGeneres this week.

The homosexuals aren’t exactly pleased with him either.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much too set off “niche” voters. The values voters, for example, are waiting for their embrace from the Republicans in the race for the White House. And believe me when I tell you, they are not holding their breath waiting on John McCain or Rudy Giuliani.

A voting bloc is a voting bloc. And the candidate who ignores one does so at his (or her) own peril with the other.

As for Barack? All the brother did was let loose the passionate voice of Donnie McClurkin in South Carolina during the Obama campaign’s “Forty Nights of Faith and Family” tour. Whether you’re into gospel music or not, you’ve got to hear Donnie, whose preaching and music give new meaning to the word “soul.” When the spirit moves him to stir it up, he’ll remind you of the foot-stomping, hallelujah choruses of the old-time gospel hours spent in the South.

What Donnie said during the Obama tour — and has said on more than one occasion — is that he is a former homosexual and on a mission against homosexuality. In fact, he told The Washington Post that homosexuality is a curse. (There’s no denying the devil’s workshop is busy 24-7.)

Not everybody likes what Donnie says.

Andrew Sullivan, for one, reportedly said Donnie “should never have been allowed to speak because his words are inherently divisive, his record of comments on gay people offensive, and the point of the event allegedly unifying.” C’mon, Andrew. It’s not as if Big Mama needs to whip out the lye soap to clean up Donnie’s act.

Lye soap or no, Donnie’s “rant”against homosexuality, as some critics are calling it, has left a bad taste in some folks’ mouths. So much so that they are leaving the Obama campaign. One such fellow is Bob Farmer, the respected fund-raiser who has worked with both Republicans and Democrats, including George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Mr. Farmer reportedly resigned in “disgust.”

Whatever happened to the Big Democratic Tent? The First Amendment?

Listen, the Democrats can be just as hypocritical as the Republicans. But it’s the liberals who have the most to lose.

Latter-day America has never seen blacks vote in droves for Republicans. If blacks had, Michael Steele would be in the Senate and Lynn Swann would be the governor of Pennsylvania.

What’s being lost but must be recognized among the Democrats’ and in the GOP tent is that blacks and conservative values are practically inseparable. I know that’s a broad statement, but the fact that the Obama campaign uses the term “Faith and Family” for this particular get-out-the-vote effort reflects the social conservatism that runs through black America’s veins.

Social conservatism is rooted in the Bible and back in the day, trying to separate blacks from faith and traditional values was more difficult than trying to separate a Klansman from his robes.

Think (or read, if you have to) about the Civil Rights Movement. One of the movement’s most effective strategists was Bayard Rustin. Yet, Rustin was a homosexual, and because he was a homosexual the religious leaders of the movement tried to push him back into the closet (sometimes the trunk of a car as they traveled).

We know, don’t we, what happened to blacks, Jews, Catholics, homosexuals and other “niche” constituencies in those earlier times?

Look, either we want transparency and openness or we don’t. Either we want to stand under the many umbrellas under the handful of political tents or we don’t.

Donnie is as passionate about his views on homosexuality as, I assume, homosexuals are. I see no reason why they shouldn’t stand should-to-shoulder to support, endorse, embrace and vote for the candidate of their choosing.

Few among us always sees eye-to-eye on every single issue that a politician espouses. Those who actually do can probably be counted on the same pinhead as the all-talk-but-little-action 110th Congress.

Rodney King knows we cannot all get along. But we must be civil.

Condemning the Obama campaign and condemning Donnie are not the same.

We learned many, many things in Sunday School as small children. One of the most important is to condemn the act not the man.

Just a reminder, not a sermon.



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