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Many of the full-time rabble-rousers march on Congress each day to protest the war in Iraq, the Bush administration and the capitalistic pursuits of Americans.

“Healthcare, not warfare,” one of their placards reads.

Another reads, “No war, no warming.” If you did not know better, you might think Code Pink was a parody.

Medea Benjamin, the Code Pink co-founder who used to be a Long Island girl named Susie, once lived in Cuba, where it felt “like I died and went to heaven.” She must be easy to please if Fidel Castro’s island prison is her version of heaven. She might try running that view by those Cubans who risk their lives in 90 miles of treacherous seas to reach the Florida coastline.

But that is Code Pink for you. Its members do not live in the real world. Now part of its membership has brought its far-out ideas to Fifth Street Northeast, highlighted by potluck dinners every Wednesday evening.

If 20 to a five-bedroom row house is Code Pink’s version of nirvana, it probably is a view shared by few others in the city.

The thought of so many sharing so few bathrooms does not exactly prompt warm and fuzzy images.

For now, Mr. Taylor’s group is monitoring the crowded living conditions of Code Pink. The city no doubt will pass judgment soon enough.