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The tally? Mr. Obama garnered 382 jokes, Mr. McCain 549 and Sen. Hillary Clinton 562 jokes, despite her departure from the presidential race on June 7th. Former President Bill Clinton attracted 152 jokes while President Bush topped the list with 605 jokes.

By the numbers

89 percent of Americans deem patriotism a “good” thing.

86 percent say voting is patriotic.

73 percent have displayed an American flag outside their homes.

67 percent say wearing an American flag pin is patriotic.

67 percent say helping America’s environment is patriotic.

87 percent think they personally are patriotic.

56 percent say Sen. Barack Obama is patriotic.

74 percent say Sen. John McCain is patriotic.

79 percent say Democrats are patriotic.

70 percent say Republicans are patriotic.

92 percent say military troops are patriotic.

58 percent say teachers are patriotic.

Source: Greenberg Quinlan Rosner survey of 1,000 adults conducted Aug. 12-14.

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