- The Washington Times - Sunday, August 3, 2008

“What are some of your best ideas to ease traffic congestion around big cities like Washington, D.C.?”


Norma Furgerson, 93, Jasper, Ga.

“Easy. People simply need to stay home more. Plan ahead and combine errands so that fewer trips are necessary.”


Ron Furgerson, 67, Fairfax

“If nothing is done to curtail skyrocketing fuel prices, this question will become moot because people won’t be able to afford driving.”


Thatcher Furgerson, 43, Centreville

“The best idea is to use a variety of approaches such as the development of town-center-type communities with mass transit as a core feature and incentivize telecommuting and alternate work hours.”


Stephanie Furgerson, 16, Centreville

“I suggest stricter traffic-enforcement laws designed specifically to prevent accidents. Accidents slow traffic an inordinate amount and create huge bottlenecks. Also, better techniques could be developed to help police clear accidents faster, while still meeting legal requirements and taking care of the injured.”

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