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Just in case any presidential hopefuls want to come clean, swanky Caswell-Massey has just introduced the Presidential Soap Collection, featuring three bars of soap scented with a fragrance worn by former presidents George Washington, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy.

The collection features Washington’s favorite scent, Number Six, the company’s original fragrance first purchased by the future president in 1780, boasting “27 natural aromatics with a clean and refreshing citrus orange top note.”

Eisenhower’s favored soap, Almond Cold Cream, was chosen by Ike and Mamie themselves for the White House. Kennedy, meanwhile, was a devotee of Jockey Club, “a fragrance of soft leather accents with hints of musk underneath a rich mossy green and amber top note,” introduced by Caswell-Massey in 1840.

The set is $24; for information, call 800/326-0500.

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