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Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican and a licensed obstetrician/gynecologist, delivers poor women’s babies free of charge at an Oklahoma hospital. And Senate Democrats don’t like that.

The Hill reported last week that since the Muskogee Regional Medical Center, where Mr. Coburn volunteers, went from being a public hospital to a private one, Senate Democrats say Mr. Coburn’s volunteer activities constitute a “fiduciary relationship.” The reaction in the conservative and Catholic blogospheres was quick and unanimous:

From “Feddie” at Red State: “Does anyone believe that this complaint would have been filed against Senator Coburn if he had been performing free abortions? Of course not. Heck, were that the case, ‘Born Alive’ Obama would no doubt ask the good senator from Oklahoma to be his Veep on a proabort ‘unity’ ticket.”

From Jill Stanek: “Were Tom Coburn aborting babies free instead of delivering them free, there would be no investigation; there would be an awards ceremony. This is ridiculous on so many levels, not the least of which is the Democrats’ disregard for the poor, unless they control the dole so as to get the credit.”

Happy EIB-day

Conservative bloggers and icons lined up all during the week to pay tribute to Rush Limbaugh, whose conservative talk-radio show went national 20 years ago Friday, defining a new national medium and a way for conservatives to get around the liberal-dominated mainstream media.

Human Events had a whole “Rush Week,” featuring articles by brother David Limbaugh, Ted Nugent, Steve Forbes, Ann Coulter, Phyllis Schlafly, Sean Hannity and more. National Review held a symposium on “What makes Rush Limbaugh special?”

“If Rush were a lib, he’d be feted endlessly by what he has deliciously dubbed the ‘drive-by media.’ There would be profiles gloating over the pathetic performance of Air America and contrasting liberal radio failures with the amazing longevity of EIB. Here’s to the next 20 years of excellence in conservative broadcasting,” wrote Michelle Malkin.

Others remembered their favorite moments. Tygrrrr Express cited a prank against Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, who was soliciting people to call Congress and demand an end to the 1994 baseball strike with two words: “Play ball.”

“Limbaugh recommended that his audience call up Schumer’s office and say two words: ‘Cut taxes.’ So many people called up and said, ‘Cut taxes,’ that the phones and faxes had to be unplugged,” Tygrrrr Express recalled.

The Limbaugh site had up clips and transcripts from such legendary moments as Dan’s Bake Sale, the address to the Republican freshman class of 1994, and a call from Charlton Heston, who had expressed a desire before his April death to appear on the 20th anniversary show: “If Moses wants to be on, you put him on.”

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