OUT OF THE PAST: 1976 Cadillac wears a coat made by Chrysler

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Although the 5,153-pound Cadillac is supported on a lengthy 126.3-inch wheelbase, Mr. Smith observes, “As huge as it is, it’s surprisingly easy to drive.”

The rear window in the convertible is glass and is also threaded with the telltale red lines of an electric defogger. “They thought of everything, Cadillac did,” Mr. Smith says.

Only once has Mr. Smith taken his “Plum Crazy” Cadillac on trip out of the immediate area. He drove several hundred miles to Bethany Beach and reports, “At 70 there’s not a tremor.”

Even though the striiking convertible is “Plum Crazy” the trim on the wheel covers is black, as is the carpet inside the car.

Atop each front fender, visible from inside the car, is a lamp monitor. Each one has three small lights, the left one to remind the driver the hedlights are on high beam, the center one to alert the driver that the headlights are activated and the right light indicates that the parking lights are on as well as the turn signals.

“It has been documented that this is the only time that Cadillac ever painted a non-GM color at the factory,” Mr. Smith says. “It is singularly outrageous.”

The extremely low mileage and all oriiginal car is now approaching 3,800 miles. A week from now it will be at the Cadillac LaSalle Club Grand National meet in Cherry Hill, N.J. where it will certainly show well. As for the Cadillac’s future, Mr. Smith says, “I plan to preserve it.”

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