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No Good Choice

Jesse Ventura is still capable of a deft stranglehold. In an online chat with Washington Times readers Thursday, the former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler had few niceties to share about fellow politicians.

He doesn’t want either Sen. John McCain or Sen. Barack Obama to set foot in the White House.

“If Obama wins, we’ll get our taxes raised. Wrong to do with a struggling economy — worst thing you can do is take money from the private sector and give it to the government. On McCain, McCain is just four more years of the failed policies of George Bush. Failed foreign policies and no investments in the country’s infrastructure. As Jerry Garcia used to say, ‘If you’re picking the lesser of two evils, you’re still picking evil’. I’m not saying they’re evil men, I’m just saying both men are wrong for the country right now,” Mr. Ventura observed.

Al Franken, who’s pining to become a Democratic senator from Minnesota, also got rough handling.

“He hasn’t been a Minnesotan for 30 years. He hasn’t paid taxes in Minnesota for 30 years, so from my perspective, he’s a carpetbagger who’s coming here to run for his own aspirations. Why didn’t he run in the state where he was living? If he loses, do you think he’ll remain living in Minnesota?” Mr. Ventura noted.

Babs’ competition

The Left Coast no more? Choire Sicha of Radar magazine reports that there will soon be more right-leaning takes on Hollywood.

“What is more absolutely interesting to America than actors who have opinions about politics? Gosh, not much! (Economic regulation theory, maybe?) So, good news! Andrew Breitbart, the longtime Drudge henchman, is launching BigHollywood, a Web site for the non-left out in L.A. (Politico hilariously calls the staff ‘a who’s who of regular writers such as the Weekly Standard’s Joel Engel, Commentary’s next editor John Podhoretz, and novelist-screenwriter Andrew Klavan.’ They mean, I think, a ‘who’s what?’ It is run by the guy who ran the ‘website for L.A.’s conservative Liberty Film Festival.’)”

“But it’s true — why should Barbra Streisand get all the attention? Let’s get more blogging out of Chuck Norris and the delicious Kurt Russell. The people need to know. There is just so much to be fascinated by — don’t forget that HBO fight-flick director Leigh Simons is supposedly now shooting a documentary called PoliWood.

“And this election is, after all, about the rise of the opinion machines. The more platform and the more bandwidth that everyone has to burn on their thoughts about peak oil and Afghanistan and about how bad other people are, the stronger America becomes (on the chatboards of the Internet). A nation of commenters cannot fail.”

That’s showbiz

Hollywood, meanwhile, is on the minds of both presidential hopefuls. When “Entertainment Weekly” asked Sen. John McCain Thursday what new movie he’d seen, the Arizona Republican had a snappy reply.

“A couple of weeks ago we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I enjoyed that so much. The old guy wins,” Mr. McCain said.

We remind him at this juncture that according to some cultural observers, “70 is the new 50,” so relax.

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