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The settlers say they have broken with the more moderate leadership of the Yesha Council.

“The council lost its right to serve in any capacity after Gush Katif,” said Daniella Weiss, referring to a bloc of 17 settlements evacuated in Gaza. “They are out of the game and outside of the leadership,” said Miss Weiss, a leader of the residents in the disputed house and a longtime settler activist.

Pinchas Wallerstein, a former head of the Yesha Council, called the behavior of some of the “House of Peace” residents counterproductive.

“I think Daniella Weiss hates the settlers’ council a lot more than the Palestinians,” he said. Her “approach is that we want to scare the army and the government not to mess with us. The Yesha Council’s approach in every struggle is to reach out to public opinion in Israel. … We won’t allow the injuring of Israeli soldiers in any way, and we won’t assume the image of rioters.”