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Why pick up the Gears of War comic book series? So you can find out what happened in the six months in between Gears 1 and Gears 2. It’s essentially the prequel to the sequel. Also, you’ll meet the first new Gear ever introduced outside of the games, Jace Stratton, and he makes a very quick cameo in Gears 2. Also, you have some amazing art by Liam Sharp.

Any new projects?I have an upcoming Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War, which is co-written with Eric Nylund (of Halo novels fame) and will tie-in to the last season of “BSG” in January.

What is the current state of the comic book industry? Talentwise, tons of amazing people are working in the industry. There are some cool things being done by the mainstream companies, but I think others are kind of pandering to the existing fan base too much. The indie comic scene is also quite vibrant right now, and they’re often sold more to the literary/bookstore crowd, which I think is great. It gets the medium in front of people who may have never seen it (or ever taken it seriously).

Is Hollywood corrupting or helping the comic book and video game industries? Helping, definitely. Traditionally, sales on high-profile movies based on other media bring sales back to the original property. It’s not always been the case with comics, but that again speaks to the need for comic companies to reach out to a more mainstream audience. There’s no reason that an Iron Man movie shouldn’t lead to some more sales of the Iron Man comic.

Any tips for new writers? Publish work, first and foremost. … It’s always a step, publishers want to see published work. Also, make sure to get out and network, meet people, other artists, etc. Rarely do you get a good gig without knowing someone. And always remember: It only takes 10 years to become an overnight success story.

Favorite image? A beautiful woman. Lots of favorite images, but hey, that’s one I’ll always stand by.

Favorite word? Epic.

Besides this interview, what’s the stupidest thing you ever did? How about looking back while I was racing another kid on a bike, not seeing the pothole in front of me, hitting it with my front tire, flying over the handlebars, using my chin as landing gear, knocking it out of place, and getting a nice-sized piece of gravel bloodily embedded into my chin.

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