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“He has had a far longer run than Martha Stewart or Oprah as the face of a magazine, and I bet he’ll still be grinning at us long after they depart the scene,” Mr. Hochstein insists.


“Dennis Kucinich is a biter.” - Advice from ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to NBC’s David Gregory, new moderator of “Meet the Press.”

“Gregory is another journalist to rise through the ranks by bad-mouthing Republicans and defending the Democrats.” - Brent Baker of the Media Research Center, on the aforementioned newsman.

“Why do we have no lefties in this Cabinet?” - MSNBC host Chris Matthews, on the incoming administration.


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made moose hunting and the Great Outdoors chic. In that vein, we present (heavens, cover Junior’s eyes) the Camo Tank Nightgown for women drawn to life in the forest, or words to that effect.

From Eders, this “silky polyester” camouflage-patterned nightie features the “Mossy Oak’s BreakUp Camo Pattern” and is priced at $24. Contact the company, which sells hunting and archery gear, at or 516/656-0808. Incidentally, Eders sells a woman’s T-shirt emblazoned with the motto “As a matter of fact, I do hunt.” There’s also a camouflage shower curtain.

For the nightgown and other items for the ladies, visit pages.php?pageid=6.


• 74 percent of Republicans and 8 percent of Democrats say the Obama administration will be “too liberal for me.”

• 3 percent of Republicans and 3 percent of Democrats say the administration will be “too conservative.”

• 9 percent of Republicans and 72 percent of Democrats say it will be neither too liberal or too conservative.

• 54 percent of Republicans and 67 percent of Democrats say there will be “less gridlock” in the Obama administration.

• 54 percent of Republicans and 35 percent of Democrats say it’s a “good thing” for America to have a president and a majority in Congress from different political parties.

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