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“I felt like we were rolling,” Zorn said. “We lost all the momentum.”

Sellers’ gaffe joins Pete Kendall’s Regrettable Reception - the one that resulted in a fumble that cost the Redskins the Rams game - as the two most disastrous plays of the season. And they were freaks, really, the kind of plays that come up about as often as a solar eclipse.

There’s no escaping the fact, though, that the Snydermen have now lost to two of the worst teams in the league, teams that have gone a combined 2-23-1 in their other games. That’s why, “when you look back at it after the season, there’ll be a lot of soul-searching,” London Fletcher said. “A play here, a play there and things might have been different.”

For the Redskins’ brain trust, Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato, that soul-searching may already have begun. Do they keep the coach if the club finishes 1-7 in the second half of the season? Do they stay with the quarterback who contributed to that 1-7 finish? So many difficult questions loom.

Then there’s this uncomfortable truth: In their biggest game of the year, a virtual elimination game as far as the playoff picture is concerned, the Redskins couldn’t match the intensity level of a 1-11-1 team. If that doesn’t have Dan and Vinny crying in their eggnog, nothing will.

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