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‘Moronic’ assurance

An Israeli newspaper reported last week that President-elect Barack Obama will put Israel under the U.S. nuclear umbrella.

Citing “a well-placed American source … who is close to the new administration,” Haaretz reported that Mr. Obama will offer to the Jewish state a declaration that “an attack on Israel by Tehran would result in a devastating U.S. nuclear response against Iran.” The paper noted that “Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton had raised the idea of a nuclear guarantee to Israel during her campaign for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the presidency.”

“Drew M.” at the Ace of Spades blog reacts with, “Let’s count just some of the ways this is moronic.

• “The most obvious thing about this is its irrelevance. They don’t admit it, but nobody doubts that Israel has a nuclear arsenal of its own that can retaliate against Iran (it really doesn’t take too many to ruin your day). So Obama’s promise is we’ll bomb the cities Israel has already bombed? …

• “If Iran gets the bomb, their use of it is simply the biggest problem but not the only one. Why is it so tough for India to deal with Pakistan? Because they know where that road ends … a nuclear exchange. The world’s track record isn’t so impressive in dealing with Iranian aggression and sponsorship of terror over the last 30 years, how much weaker will it be once Iran’s actions are backed up with nuclear weapons? Put simply, they won’t need to use the bomb to benefit from it. …

• “This reported plan makes it seem like Obama is already conceding that Iran will get the bomb. Apparently he’s no longer so sure that his awesome diplomatic skills are going to get the job done. That’s very different than what we heard during the primaries, isn’t it?

• “And lastly, I thought the idea that Iran was developing nukes was a neo-con scheme to get us to attack Iran for their oil or something. You mean it might be true that Iran wants nuclear weapons? My how times have changed.”

In conclusion, Mr. Drew writes: “So basically Obama’s plan (again, if this report is true) comes down to Israel getting a worthless promise and Iran getting nuclear weapons. That’s a hell of a plan Sparky! I’d rather send some [United Auto Workers] guys over to deal with Iran than Obama. At least they drive a hard bargain.”

Big hair

Speaking of Ace, the “flaming skull” icon he uses to signify breaking hot news has received a makeover for use in big developments in the scandal surrounding Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich.

The skull now has a toupee.

Yes - there’s now a big hair helmet bouncing up and down, most recently at the resignation of John Harris, the Democratic governor’s chief of staff.

2011 bailout

Libertarian blogger Megan McArdle wrote after the collapse of the Senate bill on bailing out Detroit’s Big Three automakers that she has been “hearing the truly bizarre argument that the UAW didn’t scuttle the negotiations; it was the Republicans’ unreasonable insistence that they cut their wages to levels comparable to that of their competition. After all, the UAW was perfectly willing to negotiate their compensation package - in 2011, when their current contract expires.

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