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However, his first words in response to the Nov. 26 assault on the coastal city got lost in much of the news coverage and because he issued them the following day, which was Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Mr. Haqqani first warned against blaming his government in a Nov. 27 e-mail blast to American reporters.

“Pakistan’s democratic government is confronting the menace of terrorism with great vigor, and recent threats against the life of President Asif [Ali] Zardari prove that the terrorists are feeling pressure from Pakistani forces,” he said.

He called terrorism a threat to both India and Pakistan and noted that his government “vehemently condemned” the attacks in Bombay from the beginning of the assault on the city.

“It is unfair to blame Pakistan or Pakistanis for these acts of terrorism even before an investigation is undertaken,” he said, criticizing Indian analysts for “scoring political points at the expense of a neighboring country that is, itself, a victim of terrorism.”

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