- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Terrorism I

In a little-noticed news item, the FBI said a Minnesota Muslim man was responsible for a suicide bombing in Somalia, prompting comment from conservative sites that monitor both jihad and immigration.

According to a report from Twin Cities ABC affiliate KSTP-TV Channel 5 Shirwa Ahmed was a naturalized U.S. citizen of Somali birth who blew himself up in an attack in northern Somalia in October.

“The FBI and Homeland Security are investigating whether Shirwa Ahmed had developed a terrorist recruiting network in the area,” KSTP reported, adding, “More than a dozen young men of Somali descent, mostly in their 20s, from the Minneapolis area have recently disappeared, [say] U.S. law enforcement officials … All are thought to be associates of Ahmed.”

The station added that U.S. officials suspect the missing men have departed for Somalia rather than planning to attack the United States, but said the officials could not be sure until the men can be tracked down.

Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch noted the context of the Twin Cities’ large population of Somalis engaging in “Stealth Jihad efforts” and cited service workers’ attempts to gain a right to refuse to handle alcohol and pork products.

“Have any authorities stopped to consider the question of whether we really want to import into the United States people who would blow themselves up as suicide bombers? Why not?” He asked.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air adds that the story “does call into question the wisdom of allowing any more Somalis to enter the U.S. while it serves as a terrorist training ground. CIA Director Michael Hayden has warned recently about al Qaeda efforts to rebuild itself in the Horn of Africa region, including Somalia, and their apparent success in combining with local groups to bolster their funding and training.”

Terrorism II

That the media is in the tank for President-elect Barack Obama has been a longstanding complaint of conservative bloggers.

Now al Qaeda is joining in agreement. (Talk about unwanted allies.)

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Islamist terror group’s No. 2, condemned Mr. Obama recently as a “house Negro,” prompting worldwide criticism, including from black American Muslims, who objected to the riff off the words of Malcolm X. Al Qaeda supporters on Muslim and jihad forums worldwide say their leader’s words were twisted by biased media.

“After observing international press reporting on the incident, these same supporters are now bitterly attacking the media for its ‘unfair’ pro-Obama bias and for deliberately ‘confusing’ the meaning of al-Zawahiri’s message,” writes Evan Kohlmann of the Counterterrorism Blog.

The dry observation from the pseudonymous Stable Hand at the Jawa Report: “Suck it up, al Qaeda supporters.”

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