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Luckman once told me: “When Baugh retired, we had lunch together one day in Washington. And we made a pact - we shook hands on it - that whenever he made a speech, he’d say I was the greatest, and whenever I made a speech, I’d say he was the greatest. But it turned out to be a bad deal, because I’d be off making all these speeches to different charities and whatever, and he’d be back on his ranch making money. So I never heard anybody once say I was the greatest, because he never made a speech.”

Later, I mentioned the pact to Sammy, and he said, “Aw, Luckman’s full of [it]. We never had an agreement like that. He’s just telling a story.”


Steve Owen, the Giants’ Hall of Fame coach, on Baugh: “[He] was the greatest passer we have ever seen because of his great arm, his remarkable accuracy and his uncanny faking. Baugh’s fakes could tie [defensive backs] into pretzels. He would cock the ball, bring it down to drift off as if about to run, cock again, make a mock throw to one side and shoot a touchdown to the other.

“The reaction of the [defensive back], even a good one, is to close in as soon as the passer takes down the ball. That’s all right with ordinary passers, but not with Baugh. He was never committed until he was flat on the ground and the ball with him. I have seen Sam make bulletlike throws with his tremendous wrist action as he was nailed by a hard tackle and falling.”


Jason Taylor says he “may not be worth $8 million” anymore? Jason Taylor says it wouldn’t shock him if the Redskins didn’t bring him back next season?

Filter all that stuff out. The only thing Jason Taylor said on WJFK the other day that really matters is: “You put me in the right situation and the right position, and I’ll hunt all day.”

Sounds like the guy is dying for the Redskins to cut him - so he can sell his services to a Serious Contender who will play him exclusively at right end.

Patriots, anyone?


Barely a year ago, the Capitals were 6-14-1 and living in a trailer on the outskirts of Nowheresville. Now they’re farming out an unbeaten, 20-year-old goaltender with a .953 save percentage and 1.50 goals-against average.

I’m trying to decide if that’s progress or overprotectiveness.


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