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“You’ve seen him around, you know he’s 14, he’s in your grade and whatever. You know what I mean?” the nurse says.

At another point, “Diana” coaches “Brianna” on getting around Indiana’s parental-consent laws. She hands the girl a piece of paper and tells her she can show the sheet but can say nothing.

The nurse then circles the name and address of an Illinois abortion clinic on the paper. Illinois has had a parental notification law since 1994 but it’s never been enforced because the Illinois Supreme Court refuses to rule on ways a girl can appeal the notification requirement.

Indiana law requires health care providers and others to report a sexual act between an adult and a person younger than 14 to law enforcement or the Department of Child Protective Services. Not reporting such an act is a misdemeanor punishable under state law by a maximum of 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

A city spokesman said Thursday that the Bloomington City Police is not investigating the clinic or the nurse for suspicions of violating the statutory-rape notification law, but is beefing up security around the facility to protect it from any backlash.

“There’s no investigation taking place, but they have stepped up patrols around the area,” said Danny Lopez, communications director for the city of Bloomington. Patrols have been stepped up in case anybody has a strong reaction to the situation, but he said there have been no problems.

Miss Rose produced the video over the summer as part of the “Mona Lisa Project” of Live Action Films, which describes itself on its Web site as an undercover audit “demonstrating the routine lawlessness of abortion providers at Planned Parenthood.”

“Today’s video release is only a sample from many hours of similarly disturbing footage,” said Miss Rose, who appeared on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” show Thursday night. “We’re staggering the releases one by one that each incident of abuse gets the national attention and scrutiny it deserves.

“Planned Parenthood is covering up these incidents of abuse and sending these girls back into the arms of older men. I am a college student doing investigative journalism and they’ve tried to sue me and shut me up. But every time, they have admitted wrongdoing.”

The Mona Lisa Project, she added in a statement, “demonstrates how quickly the abortion industry’s disrespect for unborn children becomes disregard for all humans. Planned Parenthood offers no solutions for the victim of statutory rape - they give her an abortion and a bag of condoms and sent her straight back into the arms of the abuser.”

Planned Parenthood is a tax-exempt nonprofit group that nationwide receives $336.7 million in government funding.

The Indiana chapter of Planned Parenthood also made national news last week by putting up for sale Christmas gift certificates, good for any services it provides, from Pap smears to abortions.

This incident also is not the first time surreptitious taping by Miss Rose and other pro-life college students has embarrassed Planned Parenthood.

• Last month, Students for Life of America released a video taken over the summer of a college student posing as a 15-year-old girl telling staffers at a Charlotte, N.C., clinic about emergency contraception because of unprotected sex with her mother’s 30-something live-in boyfriend.

The Planned Parenthood staffers acknowledge this as statutory rape. Students for Life filed a state Public Records Request that showed that Planned Parenthood never reported anything to authorities.

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