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Everyone will be transfixed on Redskins at Ravens, but college fans have something else to check out before lavishing in the NFL nightcap. BCS selection show, 8 p.m., Chs. 5, 45


PHILADELPHIA - Had a fun drive up from D1scourse’s Glen Burnie, Md., headquarters this morning.

Then I discovered the main exit to the sports complex was blocked off.

Fun times.

Fortunately, it pays off to have a working knowledge of South Philly, and there was even a little time to settle in before Air Force One flew over the stadium. And even if the guy aboard might leave office next month with approval ratings in the single digits, that’s still pretty cool.

- Patrick Stevens


Some sporting events have spectacular tradition but disappoint in the actual result. Here are some of the biggest discrepancies between hype/pomp and genuine entertainment:

1. Army/Navy - The pageantry is always patriotic and worth watching, but one team is always up and the other down (see Saturday’s blowout).

2. Super Bowl - Patriots/Giants helped the image a little, but you can’t say you’ve forgotten when games like 49ers 55, Broncos 10 were the norm.

3. All-Star games that aren’t baseball - With the exception of the Midsummer Classic, the other contests are more about gathering people and honoring players than providing the best “game.”

4. NFL/NBA draft - Fans love feeling optimistic about their teams, and then the feeling sets in that no team won or lost anything while drafting players.

5. World Baseball Classic - OK, maybe the hype has worn off here. Seriously, this is supposed to replace baseball’s participation in the Olympics?

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