- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poor Jason Campbell.

He is being required to learn his third offensive system as he prepares to enter his fourth season in the NFL.

This is sad, so darn sad.

Just as he was becoming comfortable with the 700-page playbook of Al Saunders — he was up to page 543 — Campbell is now being asked to forget everything he knew to be true and learn Jim Zorn’s West Coast offense.

As you know, all the various offensive systems in the NFL come with their own terminology, numbering classification and soundtrack. The latter would be the greatest hits of the Beach Boys in the case of the West Coast offense.

Campbell must commit to memory all the information associated with the West Coast offense before the team’s first game next season, which is an awful lot to ask of one person.

It is a tough deal.

Most of us do not have it that rough.

Most of us work 9 to 5, sit in traffic for two hours, then collapse on the sofa and start the process all over again the next day.

If any of us had to wake up each day and take up with the West Coast playbook instead of the Beltway, we would be sick about it.

Campbell’s date with a new playbook is one of the concerns being bandied about on the airwaves and among the team’s supporters looking to keep hope alive.

There is a mixture of sympathy and pity in people’s voices.

The poor guy. He has to learn another offense.

You might think these playbooks were written in Latin and carried all the secrets of life, one of which is: Do not throw into double coverage.

Nobody likes a quarterback who throws into double coverage unless the quarterback is Brett Favre.

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