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Didn’t the Redskins essentially win two Super Bowls without him (after the ‘82 and ‘87 seasons) because he was hurt?

How come he didn’t score more than 68 touchdowns (especially when Cris Carter, who was turned down yesterday, scored 130)?

Green had certain signature moments that left a lasting impression on people — running down Tony Dorsett on “Monday Night Football,” hurdling a Chicago Bear (and tearing his rib cartilage) while returning a punt for a game-winning touchdown in the playoffs, beating Ron Brown, the Olympic 100-meter man, in the NFL’s Fastest Man Competition.

Monk had none of that going for him. There wasn’t a particular game, a particular catch that really stood out. Finally, though, the sheer weight of his body of work — he was, for a spell, the league’s all-time receptions leader — got him through the vetting process.

“I’m a little short on words,” he said via cell phone after the Hall’s Class of 2008 was announced. Then he caught himself. “I’m always short on words,” he added.

And later: “It would have been nice to have gotten in the first year, the second year, the third year, but it’s just nice to get in. That’s all that really matters.”

Absolutely. Let’s not forget, Bobby Mitchell, every bit the player Monk was, cooled his cleats for 10 years before he got waved into Canton. A number of Art’s Redskins teammates also played at — or very close to — the Hall of Fame level, but will probably never be elected because they didn’t have the durability/staying power No. 81 did. I’m talking about Russ Grimm (an unsuccessful finalist again this year), Joe Jacoby, Jim Lachey, Charles Mann, Dave Butz, Dexter Manley and, of course, Clark. Heck, I don’t understand why general managers are never elected to the Hall. Beathard, in my mind, definitely belongs.

But Monk made it yesterday — and so did Green — and they’ll go into the Hall together, just as Mitchell and Sonny Jurgensen did a quarter century ago. For one day, at least, the football world will be reminded of the glory that was the ‘80s Redskins. Now there was a football team.