- The Washington Times - Friday, February 8, 2008

Name: Kira Epstein

Company: Long & Foster Real Estate Inc.

Address: 4650 East West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: 240/899-8577

Fax: 301/907-6610

E-mail: Kira.Epstein@longandfoster.com

Web site: http://kiraepstein.lnfre.com

Year started: 2004

How did you get started in real estate? Two of my brothers made suggestions based upon my interests and personality. Real estate was a good match. It harnessed many of my skills and interests: Working with people and my love of houses. So my brother, Asher, suggested that I take a group of management courses at the business school of the University of Rochester. Satisfied with the advice from one brother, I decided to keep on my roll of getting advice from my brothers. My oldest brother, Jeremy, suggested that I spend the summer after my junior year in college taking real estate courses and examinations that would qualify me as a real estate agent in the District and Maryland. By the end of that summer, I was licensed. I am the third generation in my family to live in the Washington region. I have a strong knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools and restaurants throughout the area. As a teenager, I said I wanted to work in a homeless shelter, so my family jokes that I did end up helping the homeless, but in a different way.

How long with the current company? More than three years

Licenses: Real estate sales in Maryland and the District

Greatest accomplishment in the past 12 months: As agent in the purchase/sale of $11,000,000 of real estate during 2007.

What is your area of specialty? First-time home buyers in the District

Highest-priced home sold: $1,895,000

Most memorable house: I was the buyer’s agent for a house in Bethesda where the seller loved the color purple. The decorations and appliances were purple: Walls, kitchen knobs, vacuum cleaner and pots and pans. The seller even wore all purple to settlement.

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