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Lawrence Eagleburger, George P. Shultz, Marlin Fitzwater, Robert Mosbacher, Alexander M. Haig Jr., Margaret Tutwiler, Gen. P.X. Kelley, Dan Coats — the list is weighty with stalwarts from another political era.

The Reagan era, that is.

There are 93 self-proclaimed “Reagan alumni” who worked for the former president and who now insist that Sen. John McCain of Arizona has compelling Gipper-esque qualities and is the sole candidate who could unite a fractious Republican Party.

“There has been some back and forth about which of the Republican candidates was most like Ronald Reagan. An unusual number of Reagan administration alumni began to look to John McCain. In Congress, he led the fight to limit government, lower taxes, cut spending and keep families strong,” said Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr., who served as White House counsel from 1987 to 1989 and is now chairman of the law firm O’Melveny & Myers LLP.

“McCain also doesn’t have a sense of entitlement. He’s motivated by obligation. Like Reagan did, he sees government service as an honor and a privilege,” Mr. Culvahouse said.

“I think Reagan would have agreed with McCain that we must win in Iraq. Both of them had long-held beliefs that were not negotiable,” he added. “John McCain is the only candidate who can rally the Reagan coalition of conservatives, independents and conservative Democrats needed to defeat the Democratic nominee.”

Some say this endorsement is not such a heady moment, though.

“Number one, I hate when anyone claims that somebody is ‘the only’ person to take on Hillary Clinton, or save the party. We have lots of candidates who would make good nominees. I hope these folks are not saying that if McCain loses, we’re all doomed,” said Fergus Cullen, chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“It’s important for voters to keep their perspective during the big season of endorsements from celebrities or establishment types. We proved we could do that here in New Hampshire. And I know voters can do the same in other states,” Mr. Cullen said.

The Reagan touch may help Republican visibility, though.

Republican candidates are having a recognition problem, according to a survey of 1,005 adults released yesterday by the Pew Research Center. Two-thirds of the respondents name a Democrat “as the candidate they have heard the most about,” the survey found. Just 19 percent named a Republican.

The support from Mr. Reagan’s loyalists has been mounting for months, said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers.

“John McCain was once a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution,” Mr. Rogers said. “And that list is pretty impressive.”

Mr. McCain, campaigning in South Carolina yesterday, is pleased.

“President Reagan stands out in history as a leader who recognized America’s potential and had a vision for her future. I knew President Reagan well, and respected and admired his unwavering leadership in the face of grave challenges,” he said. “I am grateful to have the support of so many friends and colleagues who have all worked to build and maintain President Reagan’s legacy.”


The following former members of the Reagan administration have endorsed Sen. John McCain for president, saying the Arizona Republican possesses some of the same qualities as the former president.

Grant Aldonas

Stanton D. Anderson

Richard V. Allen

Mary Jo Arndt

William L. Ball III

Ralph Benko

Charles R. Black Jr.

Judy A. Black

Dr. Otis R. Bowen

Ellen Bradley

James H. Burnley IV

Gahl Hodges Burt

Richard Burt

Mark Buse

Frank Cannon

David Chew

Nancy Christy

James W. Cicconi

Former Sen. Daniel R. Coats

Charles E. Cobb Jr.

Carol Crawford

Ron Crawford

Tim Crawford

Dan L. Crippen

Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr.

Richard H. Davis

Mimi Dawson

Rhett Dawson

Stephen I. Danzansky

Frank J. Donatelli

R. Rebecca Donatelli

Lawrence S. Eagleburger

Marlin Fitzwater

Melinda A. Fitzwater

Alison B. Fortier

H.P. Goldfield

Mark Holman

Janet Mullins Grissom

Alexander M. Haig Jr.

Janet Hale

Bryce L. Harlow

Robert Heckman

Warren K. Hendriks Jr.

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.

Former Gov. Frank Keating

Retired Gen. P.X. Kelley

Nancy Kennedy

Bobbie Kilberg

William J. Kilberg

Ann Korologos

Carole Kuhn

Jim Kuhn

Christian Josi

Chris Lehman

John F. Lehman Jr.

James Lake

Thomas G. Loeffler

Peter Madigan

Fred Malek

Robert C. McFarlane

Robert A. Mosbacher Sr.

Timothy J. Muris

J. Bonnie Newman

Trevor Potter

Anthony J. Principi

William Bradford Reynolds

James Roberts

Patricia O’Connor Roberts

Peter Rodman

John Rogers

Sig Rogich

Nancy Risque Rohrbach

Gen. Edward L. Rowny

Mark Salter

George Sawyer

Craig Shirley

Zorine Shirley

George P. Shultz

Pamela Stevens

William F. Sittman

Bernie Streeter

Orson G. Swindle III

Lance Tarrance

Mike Thompson

Carol Townsend

Pamela J. Turner

Margaret Tutwiler

Peter Wallison

John Whitehead

Lanny Wiles

Joseph Wright

Chuck Yob

Al Zapanta

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